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Computer Science Research Guide

Online Reference Resources

Reference books and websites can help you understand terms and get an overview of a topic.

Other Library Catalogs

Technical Reports

Computing is a field that is advanced partly by the dissemination of technical reports or "grey literature".  Some of the large repositories of these reports include:

Women & Careers in STEM

Only 1 in 4 individuals working in computer and mathematical workforce are female. Additionally, only 1 in 6 people working in architecture and engineering occupations are women. As the numbers prove, there is still underrepresentation of women in the science, technology, engineering, and math workforce. 
In an effort to make information focused on STEM education and careers more accessible to women, BestColleges.com have curated a Women and Careers in STEM series for those considering the field. Included are degree overviews, job boards, and perspectives from female professionals already in the industry.