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Religious Studies Research Guide

Religious Text Portals

Searching the Catalog for Religious Texts

Searching the Catalog for Religious Texts

Sacred texts are often anonymous, or lack a clear title or author by which to search. Libraries use "uniform titles" to gather together all works related to a sacred text that may be in many editions or translations.  The uniform title consists of the following in this order:  [Sacred text name] [Subsection of text, if any (for the Bible, this would the Testament, then the book or group of books)] [Language(s)][Version][Date].  The Christian Bible is divided into the Old Testament (abbreviated O.T.) and New Testament (abbreviated N.T.)  The Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, consists of what Christians call the Old Testament.  Examples of uniform titles:

Christian Bible

  • Bible. N.T. Acts. Greek.
  • Bible. O.T. Judges. English.
  • Bible. English. New International. 2004.

Hebrew Bible (Tanakh)

  • Bible. O.T. Greek. Septuagint.
  • Bible. O.T. Pentateuch. English.
  • Bible. O.T. Prophets. English

Koran (or Qur’an)

  • Koran. English & Arabic.