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Legal Research Guide

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Legal Research Databases

Current Awareness

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Citing Government Documents

Local Law Libraries

Searching Legal Information on LexisNexis Academic

Listed below are resources that provide guidance in searching for legal information in LexisNexis Academic.

  • Areas of Law (LexisNexis) Provides guidance in searching specific legal areas, e.g., education law, consumer law, entertainment law.
  • Boolean Searching (LexisNexis) Lists options for connecting keywords and wildcard symbols for keyword truncation.
  • Common Legal Document Sections (LexisNexis) See Constructing a Segment Search for how to limit your search to a specific section of a document.
  • Legal Citation Formats (LexisNexis) Gives examples of the precise format that must be entered if you want to search using a legal citation.
  • Lexis Nexis Academic Legal Research Guide (University of Arizona Law Library) Gives a step-by-step approach for searching the different types of legal resources available in LexisNexis Academic.
  • Shepard's Citations (LexisNexis) Gives the procedure for how to determine the "status" of a case and to view all citations to the case.

Content Attribution

Some of the content of this guide was created in another format by Robert Sathrum, HSU Librarian, retired 06/2013.