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Humboldt COVID-19 Archive Project

Learn how you can help document the experience of quarantine in Humboldt County during this historic time.

The Humboldt COVID-19 Community Archive Project

Imagine you are a researcher 100 years from now, try to understand how COVID-19 impacted our community.  What types of sources would you like to use?  This project aims to document our experience in Humboldt County during this pandemic by creating an archive of what life in Humboldt looks like during this time. 

Your experiences and feelings about today can become a part of history tomorrow.

This project will be archived at Cal Poly Humboldt Library Special Collections. The goal of this project is to create an archive of a material that will be publicly available to researchers at Humboldt in the future. To do this, we need your help.  We would like to collect materials that you are creating right now to document this time. 

What Types of Material Can I Contribute?

There are many formats of material that we will accept, below is a listing of just a few types of materials we would like to add to the community archive. 

  • Diaries are a very useful tool for researchers and we have many examples in Cal Poly Humboldt Special Collections.  Not sure what to write about in your diary? Wright State has some excellent questions to think about as you document your life in words. Video diaries are another useful way to share your experiences. 
  • Do you have photographs of people waiting in line to enter the grocery store? Or maybe images of empty playgrounds in your neighborhood? Photographs provide an excellent snapshot of life during a particular time. 
  • Social media posts are often the most common way we stay connected to our community. Grab a screenshot of one of your posts and send it to Special Collections to add it to the archive. 
  • Flyers, both digital and physical, can help tell the story of how programming and events changed during this time. 
  • Record a video that tells your story of how your life is impacted. 
  • We can accept digital copies of artwork you are creating. 
  • The library can archive websites so that the information can last much longer than the site remains online to the public. 
  • Other formats are welcome!  We want to celebrate and document Humboldt County's creativity. 

It is preferred that sumbissions are made as digital files.

How to Contribute

There are several ways you can contribute. You can submit digital material directly to the digital archive (directions on how to submit here). Or you can complete this Google form. If you have questions please contact archives@humboldt.edu

With your permission, we may share a selection of submissions in physical and digital exhibitions, as well as social media.

Thank you for helping us with this project and shaping our shared history. 

Other Examples of Historic Moments Documented at Humboldt Special Collections