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Film Research Guide

Print Review Sources

Some newspapers and magazines are indexed in print sources that go back further in time than online sources do.  Look in the Reference Collection in Ref AI 21 to find newspaper indexes such as the Christian Science Monitor Index, the Los Angeles Times Index, or the San Francisco Chronicle Index.  Look in Ref AI 3 for the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and other magazine indexes, that extend back to the early 20th Century.

Other Reference sources also list film reviews; some include reprints. Here are some recommended titles to consult:

  • Film Review Index (ref PN 1995 F467 v.1-2)
  • Film Criticism: An Index to Critics' Anthologies (ref PN 1995 H4)

You can also borrow these titles:

  • Film Review Annual, 1981-2001 (PN 1995 F465)
  • Motion Picture Guide (PN 1995 N 346 1985 v.1-12)
  • Motion Picture Guide Annual, 1986-1998 (PN 1995 N 3461)
  • Variety Film Reviews, 1907-1990 (PN 1995 V34 1983 v.1-21)

Online Review Databases

On the Web