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Podcast Basics

This is a brief tutorial on creating an intro to a podcast using Audacity.

Podcast Basics Part 5: Fine Tuning

The editing process is a living process, meaning that as you make your changes, you may need to go back and make some subtle changes to what you've already done.

An example is the background music playing during the hiking sounds. The level I set for the music after the fade in persists through the hiking sounds. If I want to really immerse my listener and take them on a hike, I will want to get rid of the background music. It may also just be too distracting to listeners to have three sounds going on at once.

Levels & Fading Tweaks

To get rid of the music during the hiking sounds, I could delete that section of the song and fade out as the hiking sounds fade in and vice versa. However, I'm going to go back and use the envelope tool again: this time to fade the music to 0 as the hiking sounds play and then bring it back up when the hiking sounds fade. This makes it really easy for me to go back and add the music in again if I don't like the music completely gone.

Another example is setting the levels of the various tracks. With my project, once I compress my speaking part, I find that the overall volume is a bit low when I play it back. I can apply the amplify effect to boost the level by a couple of decibels.

My last example is with the background music as the interview starts. I will use the envelope tool to bring it down to 0 after the interviewee begins speaking. Later, if there is a point in the conversation where I want to bring it back up, I can.

Simply put, you can't assume that once you make a setting that it will be perfect after you've done more work. You will want to listen and re-listen to sections several times and make small tweaks to make sure it all sounds right. If you are keeping it simple and are okay with some imperfections, you will hopefully only need to do this a couple of times, but you will need to listen to the final 'mix' to be sure it is where you want it.