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Humboldt Digital Scholar

The new help pages for HDS.

How to search Humboldt Digital Scholar

The main search box on the upper right searches either all of HDS or only the Collection you are in, depending upon the options you set.  The list you see under any Collection is just the most recent five submissions NOT the entire Collection, so use the search function or the discovery facets on the right side.

To see a listing of everything in a Collection: Check the This Collection radio button on the search box and click on go.

Search box 

The default search is to look for all of the words that you input.  The Boolean operator AND is the default. Therefore searching [ fish fowl ] retreives a small result.

The terms that you enter in search are automatically "stemmed" to search all possible terms beginning with...  Therefore searching [swim] retreives items with swim, swimming, swimmer, and swims.

You may broaden your search by entering terms connected by OR, requiring either term to be present.  Therefore searching [fish OR fowl] retreives a large result. NOTE: OR MUST BE IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

You may search for a phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks.  Therefore searching for "does age matter" retreives a very specific result as compared to just entering the words.

Searching reaches into the full text of most of the textual documents in the archive, not just what you can see in the descriptive record.  When you've searched and retreived items based on the full text, a bit of the text will appear below each result.

Once you have a set of results you may use the filters to further narrow your results.  You may also use the discovery facets on the right.  If you're still interested, check out Advanced Searching.

Advanced Searching with Discovery Facets

One of the most powerful and useful tools for searching Humboldt Digital Scholar is the "Discover" box on the right, just below the search box.  The Discover facets are context sensitive, meaning you will only see facets that apply to what collection you are searching.  Click on one of the facets and it will drop down the beginning of a list.  At the bottom of the list you have the option to ...View More, use it.  

discover box                 

The facets are just listed in descending order of the number of items on the initial screen which isn't all that useful for searching.  If you click ...View More you will go to a list of facets, with an A-Z browser and a search function.  NOTE: Masters Program and Thesis Advisor only apply to the collection of HSU Masters Theses and Projects.

            expanded facet

Advanced Searching with Filters

Using Filters

Once you have search results you can reduce your results by using the Add filters function.  It applies specific limitations to your results.

Search results

Select what metadata field you want to limit with and enter filter terms.  This is a powerful search tool, but it requires a level of knowledge about what sort of data is in each record.  Use the Show full item record link on a record to see what sort of data you will be searching.

search filters