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This guide presents Library resources for identifying potential grant funders.


This guide was created based on the research completed by the graduate students and faculty listed to the right.  The grants below are intended to inspire and aid faculty, staff and students working on projects in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.  

Key (Under Construction)
  Travel Grants                                     Under $10,000 Range                   1-5 pages
  Research Grants                        $10,000 - $100,000 Range        6-20 pages
Equipment  Equipment Grants              $100,000+ Range                            21+ pages

FAQ (Under Construction)

Are HSU faculty eligible to apply for grants serving nonprofits?

Yes, through Sponsored Programs Foundation.  For more information contact hsuf@humboldt.edu.

General AHSS Research Grants

National Science Foundation

National Endowment for the Humanities

American Philosophical Society

Anthropology and Environmental Society

Carnegie Corporation of New York

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Gender and Sexuality

Department of Health and Human Services


Contributors to this Guide

B. K. Klessig

Carly Marino

Carly Strand

Clay McGlaughlin

Delmar Bromley

Emma Lundberg

Hanna Baus

Janae Teal

Jennifer Miles

John Veit

Julian Rivera

Laura Hahn

Lizbeth Olmedo

Meredith Williams

Susan Gehr

Vanessa Vrtiak

Yancy Mejia

Free Resources for Grant Writing

Google Alert Set-Up

Setting Up Google Alerts for Grants

Google alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic.  This is a great way to recieve regular updates about a grant opportunites related to your research interest.

  1. Visit Google Alerts.
  2. In the "Create an alert about" box, enter the words you want to get email notifications for.
  3. Click Show options to say how often you get alerts, what types of results you want to get, and more.
  4. Click Create Alert.
  5. Once your alert is set up, you'll start getting emails any time we find new search results for your keywords.

You can also create an alert by clicking the + next to any of the suggested topics on the Google Alerts page.