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Humboldt Digital Scholar

The new help pages for HDS.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Humboldt Digital Scholar

ALL first-time users MUST register an account and be authorized by the HDS Administrator to submit to one or more Collections in HDS.

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For Students

For Staff

For Alumni

Create a collection

Create a Collection in Humboldt Digital Scholar

To establish a Collection in an existing Community in Humboldt Digital Scholar, an individual or group must have the support of that Community. The HDS Administrator will establish the requested Collection with the appropriate authorizations in consultation with the Collection Liaison. Individual faculty also may set up personal collections within the already-established HSU Faculty Scholarship Community by contacting the HDS Administrator.

Individual students may submit only to established Collections and must have the authorization of the Collection Liaison.

Each Collection may have its own membership, guidelines, and/or standards. Access to Communities or Collections may be open or restricted, according to the Community's needs. The Collection Liaisons determine requirements for each collection, including:

  • what sorts of items are appropriate to a particular Collection
  • what electronic formats are acceptable in a particular Collection
  • who may add items
  • who may view items in the Collection

Some Collections may require approval of submissions by the Collection Liaison, who reviews all items submitted to the Humboldt Digital Scholar Collection that he or she oversees. If review of each item is not a realistic goal due to the size of the Collection or due to time constraints, the Liaison should carefully review the first few items submitted and should continue periodically to review selected items to ensure that Collection policies are being followed and that appropriate metadata is being provided.