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World Languages & Cultures Research Guide

LC Classification

Library of Congress Classification. Most academic and research libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification to organize their collections. Unlike the Dewey Decimal Classification, used in most public libraries, LC organizes literature by author, rather than by genre. All of the works by and about a given author will, for the most part, be brought together in LC. The most relevant sections of LC for World Languages and Cultures literature and literary criticism are:

PL 2250 - 3208      Chinese literature

PQ 1 - 3999              French literature

PQ 6001 - 8929     Spanish literature

PT 1 - 4897               German literature

In the sections for the literature of particular countries, arrangement is chronological, then alphabetical within the time period. Each author is assigned a number or series of numbers. Once you know the number(s) assigned to an author, you can browse the book stacks easily. Our library uses these numbers in the Reference and print periodicals collections, too.

Call Numbers: Library of Congress Classification

Finding Books & Videos

The HSU Library Catalog lists all of the books at our library. You can use the HSU Library Catalog to find videos and CDs in our library, too.

To Search for foreign language feature films in video format:

  • Under Quick Search, click HSU Library Catalog.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Click the More Limits button, then scroll to the box labeled Location. Select Videorecordings (VIDEO) then select a language in the Language box. Click the Set Limits button.
  • Type in the phrase feature films under Search for then select as a phrase, then click Search.

You can borrow books from other libraries with our interlibrary loan service.  There is a demonstration of how to make an interlibrary loan request on the Getting Started tab in this guide.  Use WorldCat or other catalogs to find books to borrow on interlibrary loan.  WorldCat and other catalogs are linked on the library homepage on the QuickSearch Catalogs tab.

You can use these catalogs to search for video and audio recordings, too.  Sometimes these formats can be borrowed on interlibrary loan.

Books at HSU

Google Books