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Personal ebrary Account

You must create a personal ebrary account, follow the following steps:

1. Click on the "Sign-in" tab

2. Click the "Create an account" link.

3. Provide username and password (password minimum 5 characters).

4. Provide basic identifying data, including first name, last name and working email address.

5. Click the "Create New Account" tab.

ebrary Bookshelf

Creating an ebrary account allows access to a Bookshelf.  This Bookshelf provides the options to

  • save titles for future use
  • organize saved titles into folders arranged by subject
  • annotate within saved titles with notes and highlights
  • share annotated text with other ebrary users

There are no space limitations in the bookshelf feature and users may save as many titles as they choose.

  • Click on the Bookshelf tab
  • You can create folders here to organize your e-books, email e-books to others, and share folders via URLs.