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Environmental Resources Engineering Research Guide

Geotechnical Engineering and Hazardous Waste Management

*Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts More (1993- ). Indexes research on biotechnological techniques and products. Subjects covered include soil microorganisms, bioremediation in oil and chemical spills, biopesticides, treatment and disposal of wastes and sewage, and nonpolluting industrial lubricants. Updated bimonthly.

BIOSIS Previews (1969- ).  Comprehensive index to field, laboratory, clinical, experimental and theoretical studies in all fields of biology.  The print counterpart is Biological Abstracts (1927-1995) (abstr QH 301 B37).

Chemical Abstracts Online [CAS Online] More(1907- ). Produced by Chemical Abstracts Service and the American Chemical Society, CAS Online is the most comprehensive index to the world's literature of chemistry and chemical engineering. Subjects covered include air pollution, water pollution, water quality, and waste treatment and disposal. Updated weekly. NOTE: Hours of availability are limited.

*Health and Safety Science Abstracts More(1981- ). Comprehensive index to the literature of public health, safety, and industrial hygiene. Subjects covered include nuclear safety and safety issues related to pollution, waste disposal, radiation, pesticides, and epidemics. Indexes government reports, journals, conference proceedings, books, patents, and dissertations. Updated quarterly.

*Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts More(1982- ). Contents include microbial toxins, biodegradation of materials, hydrocarbons, methane production, pollution, waste, sludge, etc. Updated monthly.

The QUAKELINE Database is a bibliographic database produced by the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) Information Service. The database contains bibliographic information on earthquakes, earthquake engineering, natural hazard mitigation, and related topics. It contains over 44,000 records.

*Risk Abstracts More (1990- ). A broad multidisciplinary index to literature dealing with the identification and alleviation of risk. Topics include nuclear safety, pollution source analysis, radiation exposure, transportation and storage of hazardous materials, seismic risk evaluation, and radon. Updated quarterly.

* Toxicology Abstracts More (1981- ). Covers all aspects of toxicology, including toxicity testing methodologies, industrial chemicals, hydrocarbons, radiation and radioactive materials, etc. Updated monthly.

*Toxline More(Last 5 years to date).  Produced by the US National Library of Medicine, Toxline covers all areas of toxicology including pesticides, environmental pollutants, mutagens, and teratogens.

*This database is one of 16 in the Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management package.