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Middle East & Arab World Research Guide

Research Guide on the Middle East and Arab World created during a Library Internship by International Student Reeham Ramadan Mohammed (Spring 2013).

Arab Spring Picture Credit #1

Timeline: Egypt's revolution - Middle East - Al Jazeera

Ayman Samman | Actor | Director |A Bird's Eye View on the Egyptian 

File:The lion of Egyptian revolution (Qasr al-Nil Bridge)-edit.jpg

The Egyptian Revolution - The BIg Picture - My Modern

Nouman Bhatti - Egypt 

Egyptian Revolution Photos January 2011 | Public

Anonymous funerals of protesters of the Egyptian revolution |

The Egyptian Revolution by ~Saint-Walker on

Children of the Syrian Revolution |

Syrian Revolution & the Challenges of the Transitional Period 

Crisis In Syria | On Point with Tom

One year of Syrian revolution is commemorated in Athens |

Syrian Expatriates Organization Commemorates the 1st Anniversary 

The Revolting Syrian-يلا إرحل يا بشار, Syrian Revolution Digest 13

London's 'Syria Global March' - 17th March 2012 - UK

Renegade Eye: Syria: How Far Has the Revolution Gone? 

26 dead in Syria as UN Human Rights Council issues condemnation

Cyrano's Journal Today » Spoiling for a Fight with Syria and 

الافوكاتو المصرى 

Local coordination committees of

Bellum » Syria: Use the Right 

Houla massacre exposes Assad's murderous repression -

The Revolting Syrian-يلا إرحل يا بشار, ASSAD'S END by 

British Syrians & Friends in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution 

Social Media and Syria's Revolution | Amed News Agency – 

No Eid ceasefire for Syria: Car bomb rocks Damascus, fighting 

Activism and Optimism: The Syrian Uprising – An Interview with

Syria's Secular Revolution Lives On - By Omar Hossino | Foreign

Islamists against Assad: Foreign Extremists a Danger to Syria's

BBC News - The moral dilemmas of Syria's

Syrian Freedom, 05/10/12 Heartbreaking, #Syria, man in 

Syrian army being aided by Iranian forces | World news |

syrian revolution By ramzytaweel | Politics Cartoon |

Syria conflict spurred by Al-Qaeda role' |

REVOLUTION: Tucson Libyans share experiences and stories from the 

PressTV - 'Europe ambiguous on Libya revolution' 

Libya's next steps - The Washington

On Libya Revolution, GOP candidates duck and cover - Alexander

Libya revolution filters to desert towns –

Gaddafi undone - The Libyan Revolution - Scenes from a revolution

The Libyan Revolution Involves A Strangely Large Amount Of 

Space and Politics: Imperial Velocities and

Support Libyan revolution, Oppose imperialist aggression! | In 

The Middle East Revolution: Fall of the Rulers - Peace and


Gaddafi undone - The Libyan Revolution - Scenes from a revolution

Image: Libyan Revolution part of Libya will celebrate "Liberation

Drive-by interventionism: Does Libya's fate hold lessons for Syria

Libyan Revolution 2011 Wallpaper Background |

Cultural gallery Pictures Credit

Cross-Cultural Blog: February 2009 

Egypt Culture, Geography and History | Intrepid 

Art History Exam


Nagwa Fouad and belly dancers in Cairo | Travel To Egypt Story 9 

Pyramids Park Resort 

Muslim Bedouin

Muslim Weddings in

Ramadan in

In Egypt, Turning Back The Clock For Ramadan : 

Mideast Nations Declare Start Of

Ramadan holy month ends with Saudi moon sighting » Ventura County

Abd El Rahman El-shamy Photography, Egyptian photographer, Cairo, Egypt.

Mostafa Wfa photography, Egyptian photographer, Cairo, Egypt.

THE DESERT BOUTIQUE, Your Online Islamic Deparment Store!!! Hijab


Picture 199704 | Kuwait Cultural Week 2012 - Photos Television

Al-Refaei opens Marine Heritage

Kuwaiti artistes enthrall audience in New Delhi | Kuwait 

Qatar gets appreciations for promoting culture | TopNews Arab

Students of Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon organize “Qatari 

Qatar Culture Club: Unleashing the Qatari Culture in the Residence

Qatar: A Man's Guide for

BelaPAN. In pictures: Days of Qatari Culture kick off in

Culture : Saudi Arabia

A Thousand Cultures One World | What is Unique About Your Culture? 

4-5 Day Global Orientation Training Program :: FMS, FID, ITD

March | 2010 | Future Husbands And Wives Of Saudis (FHWS) | Page

How To Live Like an Omani Princess: THINGS TO DO & SEE OUTSIDE 

MEKKAH by Deniesaceh — a My Opera 

Mosque of 

500px / Photo "Mekkah Al Mukarramah" by Hamza

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Vacations, Tourism, Guides, Hotels

AJC International :

8 Days Luxurious Monte Carlo & Dubai Package | 

500px / Photo "Dubai 2013" by Daniel

Traditional dress of Lebanon | The Lovely

Lebanese/Syrian Texans | Texas

25 Odd Wedding Traditions and Customs from Around the World 

Iraq War's 10th Anniversary: After the War - In Focus - The 

Global Diversity

iraq culture and heritage | Electric 



Arab Spring Picture Credit #2

Libyan Revolution,Libya News ,Libya

Libyan Blogger Tells the Truth About Life and Death in Tripoli

Libyan Revolution Day 80 - Democratic 

After the fall of Tripoli: The way forward for the Libyan 

Gaddafi undone - The Libyan Revolution - Scenes from a revolution -

Daily Kos: On Libya & Glenn Greenwald: Are the anti


Yemen A Revolution In Progress | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Analysis: Yemen, a revolution interrupted?

Post on Politics: June

Yemen Protest

Youth Committee Issues Demands for


Children of the revolution:The Yemeni boys taking a stand as their 

The Trench: Yemeni Protesters Declare “Day of Marching” 

Sana'a celebrates as Yemenis ask: have we finally removed the 

Exit of wounded Yemeni leader sets off celebration | National & World News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO 

Yemen Fox - Revolutionary anger stage

Yemeni Youth Square Off With Forces | | Somali

Outubro 2011 | Muslimah com Orgulho !

Yemen's Revolution Far From Accomplished | Al Akhbar

Yemen: Peace is not a slogan | Wasim Alqershi | Comment is free 

Yemen's revolution turns into a struggle among rival tribal

Yemen Fox - Karman criticize lack of support for Yemen Revolution

Yemen unrest – Monday 21 March 2011 | World news |