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Discussing Whiteness

Resources for discussing whiteness - a guide to a series of discussions about whiteness and antiracism.


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Discussing Whiteness


These resources have been compiled to accompany several series of discussions on the concept of whiteness as it exists in the US, California, Humboldt County, and especially within Cal Poly Humboldt. These discussions began as part of the 2016 L4HSU summer workshop series (now L4Humboldt) and has been extended through other series on related topics.

Whiteness accountability space logo with three rainbow-colored paint swatches

Learn more about and register for our ongoing online meetings: Whiteness Accountability Space: Processing Emotions and Moving to Anti-Racist Action.

Other Events

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The resources are intended to inform people about the issues surrounding whiteness (white privilege, white fragility, white spaces, etc.) and to bring up questions and challenge us about our role in our communities and in our day-to-day lives. These discussions are uncomfortable and challenging by design- beware of triggers and emotionally-charged content. However, you are encouraged to get uncomfortable. By engaging in these honest discussions you will exercise your 'racial stamina' and become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Being a Co-Conspirator

Bettina Love: Co-Conspirators

To be a co-conspirator means to put something on the line -- to use your privilege. (video, 6:44, CSPAN)

Bystander Intervention