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Creating for the Web

Learn to build for the web using some basic tools and resources.

Resources for HSU Students

Getting Started with Google Sites

Beyond Google Sites

If you have needs that go beyond Google Sites or you are looking for a place to park your code or to migrate your HTML, CSS and JS, there are a few third-party options that are free and low-cost. Beware that third-party services have their own terms and conditions and may change their pricing models or interfaces with little or no notice. The services below have been included because they offer reliable service, HTTPS, and have good supporting documentation and/or tutorials. HSU does not endorse these or offer support for these services but the Digital Media Lab (dml@humboldt.edu) can help you with your project if you have questions using them: 

Text Editors

If you're interested in building websites and coding them yourself, you'll need a good text editor. Many of the best are available free to use and are open source.