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Rock'n HSU

Rock painting is a popular activity among young and old and this guide is just a start to inspire your interest and creativity.

More information and Guidelines

HSU Staff & Faculty,

Thank you for being interested in the campus-wide rock drop for students coming to campus this fall.  This activity is a result of the 8 workshops held through the Library's L4HSU program this summer, where we saw over 650 people attend 80 workshops in a variety of subjects including rock painting!

Last year's rock painting workshops produced 106 rocks that were left around campus the week before classes for students to find. It was a great success for both finders and those that had the fun of "hiding" them.  This year we have almost 500 rocks to place!

You are invited to come to my office, Library 316, the week of August 19-23, 7:30am-4pm, to fill your pockets with rocks and place them as you go to meetings, buildings, break and lunch walks, and various other travels across campus.  I may not always be there but you are welcome to come in and help yourself, if the door is open.

I'll have boxes of rocks with some instructions about safe placement and other tips for dropping them around campus (see suggested spots below). Please don't dig through the boxes for specific rocks. You are welcome to get as many as you can carry and come back as many times as you want, to get more. It might take all week to put them out, but that's okay.  If you plan on carrying multiple in a pocket, there will be small pieces of tissue paper to wrap them in so they won't get damaged hitting each other.

Thanks again for joining me in this project and remember this statement from the Kindness Rock Project:  "One message at just the right moment can change someone's entire day, outlook, life!"