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Brain Booth in the HSU Library

The Library Brain Booth is an informal, experiential space to learn about the mind body connection, reduce stress and optimize learning.

Tools & Activities Available Outside of Brain Booth Space

  • Circulating Brain Booth equipment at the Checkout desk: Biofeedback portable machines, Light Therapy, Sound Therapy, Virtual Reality goggles. Borrow and use in the Brain Booth Designated Open Space (BBDOS) at your convenience.
  • FitDesks are exercise bikes with mounted desks to read or use a device. You can enjoy the benefits of movement while studying on the bikes anytime that the Library is open. The bikes are located on the 2nd Floor of the Library, next to the BBDOS.

  • ‚ÄčMeditation Room. The purpose of the Meditation Room is stress reduction, and it is available for quiet contemplation, meditation, reflection, or prayer. Checkout the key from the Circulation Desk anytime the Library is open.
  • Circulating Digital Equipment (other):

    • Noise Cancelling Headphones can be used anywhere in the Library where you might benefit from reducing the sound around you. You can also find ear plugs in the dispenser at the Research Help Desk. 
    • Laptops for viewing free online guided meditations and hypnosis videos

    • 360 cameras (Thanks to the Digital Media Lab)


FitDesks are exercise bike study desks. They are not designed to go quickly-there's no need to break a sweat while pedaling.

Give them a try! There are 2 FitDesks on the 2nd Floor of the Library, right next to the Brain Booth space.