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Websites for Social Work

A bibliography of recommended web resources for Social Work research


This page is a list of useful websites for students in the Social Work program. For a more comprehensive and detailed guide to conducting research in Social Work, please visit the Social Work Research Guide.  Check out the social work topics on the organizational menu to the left for subject specific websites.  

General Websites:

Clinical Social Work Association  Laws, legislation, and resources for clinical social workers.  

NASW (National Association of Social Workers) A comprehensive website on the social work profession, including ethical frameworks, career information, and trends in social work.  

School Social Work Association of America  The School Social Work Association of America puts out yearly school reports, and provides career information and guidance.  

National Rural Social Work Caucus  National Rural Social Work Caucus includes resources for serving rural clients, and career information and guidance for social workers in rural areas.  

Blogs for inspiration: 

Anti-Social Social Worker Social work practice tips for the anti-social social worker.

Inspired Social Worker  An inspirational blog to remember the beauty of the work, even when it's the most difficult to perform.  

Social Work/Social Care in Media A blog on current issues in social work, and the ways contemporary media approaches social issues.

Social Workers Speak A blog and organization of social workers responding to media portrayals of social issues.  

The Political Social Worker A blog of contemporary political issues in social work.