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Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Environment Information Sources

The content of this guide was created by Bob Sathrum, retired 6/2013

Coastal Sand Dunes

Douglas Fir / Hardwood Forests

  • A Field Guide to the Tanoak and the Douglas-fir Plant Associations in Northwest California(Jimerson) 1996 (QK 494.5 F14 J55 1996 Hum Co Coll) Presents an ecological classification for plant associations in the Tanoak and Douglas-fir series, two of the most important vegetation series in northwestern California.
  • "Old-Growth Community Studies in Northern California and Southern California Part VII" IN Wildlife and Vegetation of Unmanaged Douglas-fir Forests (Ruggiero, Aubrey, & Brookes) 1991 (USFS General Technical Report PNW-GTR-285) (print copy available in Docs A 13.88:PNW-285) Includes four papers dealing with forest structure and wildlife.

Humboldt Bay and Other Estuarine Environments

For Humboldt Bay and other estuarine maps see Northwestern California Maps--Humboldt Bay and Other Estuarine Maps

Bibliographies and Guides

  • AMIC Library Bibliography (Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center) 1999 (QH 105 C2 A55 1999) Bibliography of reports, articles and other publications available at the AMIC Library that concern various aspects of the Arcata Marsh. Organized by broad topic.
  • Guided Bibliography of Coastal Salt Marsh Literature with Special Reference to the Pacific Northwest Region (Southern British Columbia to San Francisco Bay) (Morgan) 1980 (QH 541.5 S24 G85) Includes chapter on "Coastal Salt Marshes of Northern California".
  • Humboldt Bay and Eel River Delta Monitoring Projects Select projects by category, e.g., fishery resources, water quality.
  • Humboldt Bay, California: A Literature Survey (University of Washington. Department of Oceanography) 1955 (print copy available in GC 856 W35 Hum Co Coll) Literature survey with accompanying bibliography prepared for the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office. The bibliography portion is updated through 1969 by A Partial Bibliography on Humboldt Bay (GC 856 P37 Hum Co Coll).
  • Humboldt Bay, California, Entrance Channel. Report 1: Data Review (Costa and Glatzel) 2002 (print copy available in TC 225 H8 C67 2002 Hum Co Coll). Provides an inventory and review of historical and recent data describing Humboldt Bay and the adjacent littoral cell. The data review focuses on physical oceanography (tides, wind, waves, currents, hydrographic structure, bathymetry), coastal processes, tidal inlet and beach dynamics, sand supply and budgets, structural modifications controlling the inlet entrance configuration, and dredging of the navigation channel. Data is presented in four parts--aerial photographs; maps and charts; studies and reports; and contact information for data sources. The review was prepared for the US Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP) study of the Humboldt Bay entrance.
  • Humboldt Bay Data Synthesis (Pacific Watershed Associates) 2011 Comprehensive database in Excel format that lists ecological, geophysical, cultural and socio-economic datasets for Humboldt Bay that was prepared for the Humboldt Bay Initiative. This database containg 200 datasets was developed for use in climate change adaptation planning and implementation. A background report is available.
  • Humboldt Bay Spatial Data Inventory (PhotoScience Geospatial Solutions) 2007. Inventory of 116 GIS datasets and 12 non-GIS datasets relating to Humboldt Bay that was prepared for NOAA’s Coastal Services Center Benthic Habitat Data Inventory and Collection, Humboldt Bay, California project. Also available as an Excel spreadsheet. A separate background report is available.
  • KrisWeb: Humboldt Bay (Klamath Resource Information System) Includes links to full text.


Redwood Forest

The separate research guide on Sequoia sempervirens/Coast Redwood Information Sources contains print and Internet resources that are general guides or basic introductions to coast redwood and its ecological relationships. For coast redwood maps see Northwestern California Maps--Redwoods