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California Environment Information Sources

Environmental History

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General Introductions

CA - Wildlife - Fish Maps

Klamath small scale sucker distribution map
  • Atlas of California Coastal Marine Resources (California Department of Fish and Game) 1980 (atlas G 1526 L1 C35 1980; also Cal Doc F 650 C52) Set of 134 mostly 1:24,000 scale maps of California's nearshore and intertidal environment which indicate presence of biological resources (shellfish, marine mammals and birds, pelagic and bottomfish, kelp beds, spawning areas), human resources (piers, artificial fishing reefs, sewer outfalls and power plant sites), and land use (refuges, areas of special biological significance, fishing and recreational areas).
  • Biodiversity Maps of Fishes in California (Information Center for the Environment) Series of maps that show species richness.
  • CalFish Map Viewer (California Department of Fish and Game) Interactive mapper that includes data layers for fish species, habitat, management and conservation and base maps.
  • Distribution Maps of Fishes in California (Information Center for the Environment) Series of 110 maps that show probable and potential distribution of native and non-native fish species in California.
  • Inland Trout of California: Historic Ranges, Designated Wild Trout Waters, and Trout Planting Locations (California Department of Fish and Game)