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California Environment Information Sources


Charles Webber © California Academy of Sciences California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica

California's environment is characterized by vast extremes and great biodiversity. It ranks near the top among the 50 states in nearly every category of biodiversity. It is under extensive pressure due to global climate changes and increasing population and development.

This research guide lists important print and Internet sources of information on California's environment and natural resources. Each resource theme is subdivided into six sections: 1) guides and bibliographies, 2) general introductions, 3) environmental history, 4) data compilations, 5) reviews and assessments, and 5) maps

For information on specific regions, sites or organisms in California consult the cited references within the sources listed in this research guide as well as searching the HSU Library Catalog and the catalogs of other libraries.

Content Attribution

The content of this guide was created in another format by Robert Sathrum, HSU Librarian, retired 06/2013. See the original webpage.