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Maps and Atlases

Recreation Maps

See also Maps and Atlases: California - Recreation and Maps and Atlases: California (Northwestern) - Recreation

  • General
  • U.S. National Park Service
    • U.S. National Parks and Monuments (US Geological Survey) (G 3701 G52 svar U5) - Series of approximately 70 topographic maps published by the USGS for individual parks and monuments. Some maps include shaded relief.
    • Maps of United States National Parks and Monuments (Perry-Castaneda Map Library) - Contains scanned images of US National Park Service maps.
    • National Monument and Military Parks (US National Park Service) (Docs I 29.21) - Park brochures and maps.
    • National Park Service Maps (US National Park Service) Includes maps of national parks and trails on a national base map, maps of individual parks, and 3-D views of selected parks.
    • National Park Service Interactive Map Center (US National Park Service) Includes The Park Locator that gives one the ability to identify and navigate to any park in the National Park System using topical and geographic selection options; and The Park Atlas that allows one to explore the mapped resources for all parks. In both applications one can view maps from a national view down through high-resolution views of individual parks.
    • National Parks (US National Park Service) (Docs I 29.6 & I 29.8) - Park brochures and maps.
    • National Recreational Areas (US National Park Service) (Docs I 29.39) - Park brochures and maps.
  • U.S. Forest Service
    • Maps and Brochures (US Forest Service)
    • Maps & Charts (US Forest Service) (Docs A 13.28) - Includes national forest maps, wilderness area maps, and other recreational maps.
  • US Bureau of Land Management
    • Maps (US Bureau of Land Management) (Docs I 53.11) - Includes recreation maps, access maps, and wilderness area maps.
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • National Wildlife Refuge System (US Fish And Wildlife Service) Shows location of all refuges on a US base map.
    • Refuge Maps (US Fish and Wildlife Service) (Docs I 49.44/2) Maps of individual refuges.
  • Other
    • Great American Sports Atlas IN Sports Illustrated, Dec 27, 2004 (Periodical GV 561 S733) Series of maps characterize professional athletes, professional teams and sports fans in the United States.
    • SkiMaps - Includes maps of ski resorts worldwide.
    • World Atlas of Golf: the greatest courses and how they are played (Ward-Thomas) 2002 (GV 975 W67 2002)