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Maps and Atlases

Marine Maps

bathymetric map

This research guide lists 1) guides to marine maps and 2) selected maps available in print in the HSU Library Atlas and Map Collection or on the Internet.

Other Places to Look :

Guides and Directories

Collections and Individual Atlases and Maps

  • Age of the Ocean Floor (US National Geophysical Data Center. World Data Center for Marine Geology & Geophysics)
  • Atlas Okeanov (Atlas of the Oceans) (Gorshkov) 1977-1993 (print copy available in atlas G 2800 W6 folio) Vol. 1: Pacific Ocean; Vol. 2: Atlantic and Indian Oceans; Vol. 3: Arctic Ocean; Vol. 4: Straits of the World Ocean. An excellent and authoritative Russian atlas containing maps on many oceanographic topics including history of ocean exploration, ocean floor topography, meteorology, biogeography, and navigation. A large part of the atlas contains charts of hydrographic properties by month at the surface and at standard depths. Accompanying the atlas are booklets containing the English translation of the Russian text.
  • Bathymetric Maps (US National Ocean Service) (map G 3701 C2 s125 U5) Series of maps showing seafloor topography of the continental shelf areas of the United States. Scales range from 1:100,000 to 1:250,000. An index to available maps is located in the upright map filing cabinet. United States Bathmetric and Fishing Maps includes an interactive index and links to pdf images of bathymetric maps, bathymetric/fishing maps, regional maps, geophysical maps, and preliminary maps. Newer maps in the US:1:100,000 series (map G 3700 s100 U5) and the US: 1:250,000 series (map G 3700 s250 U5) show bathymetry for coastal areas in addition to onshore topography.
  • Charts and Maps (Great Britain National Maritime Museum) Contains images of more than 1000 sea charts and maps selected from the 100,000 sheet collection that dates from the medieval period to the present day.
  • Environmental Sensitivity Index Maps (US National Ocean Service. Office of Response and Restoration) Uses USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles as a base map to present three types of information that can be used in oil spill contingency planning and assessment--shoreline classification as it relates to oil contamination sensitivity, sensitive human-use resources such as water intakes, and sensitive biological resources such as seabird colonies. Use the NOS Data Explorer interactive mapper to identify an area of interest and download a pdf image of an ESI map. For further description see ESI Maps.
  • General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) (Canadian Hydrographic Office) 1975 (Map G 9096 C2 s10,000 C1) Set of 18 maps covering the world's oceans at a scale of 1:10 million.
  • Global Seafloor Topography from Satellite Altimetry (Smith and Sandwell) Links to posters, online imagery and data for seafloor topography and gravity.
  • IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library (International Research Institute/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) The "DataViewer" allows one to create maps using variables from an extensive collection of oceanographic and atmospheric datasets.
  • Nautical Charts These fundamental navigational tools provide for safe passage of waterborne commerce. They can also serve as base maps for resource management and shoreline development planning. Charts depict the location of the shoreline, minimum water depths, aids to navigation, and hazards to navigation.
    • Nautical Charts (US National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency) (map G 3201 P5 svar U5) Series of charts of the coastal and nearshore features of the world, exclusive of the United States. The HSU Library has only small scale charts in this series. The "Catalog of Maps, Charts, and Related Products" in the map filing cabinet or the Catalog of Hydrographic Products indexes all nautical charts in this series. The "Numerical List of Nautical Charts" in the map filing cabinet lists those available in the HSU Library.
    • Nautical Charts (US National Ocean Service) (map G 3701 P5 svar U5) Series of charts of the coastal and nearshore features of the United States. The HSU Library has the western United States only. An index map is available in the map filing cabinet. Some citations may reference superceded chart numbers. See the Superceded U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Nautical Chart Conversion Table (Stanford University Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections) for assistance in converting to the newer chart numbering system. Chart No. 1 Nautical Chart Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms (Maptech online version, NOS online version and print copy available in the map filing cabinet) is a reference publication that explains nautical chart elements, symbols and abbreviations associated with both National Ocean Service and NIMA charts.
    • NOAA Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) (US National Ocean Service. Office of Coast Survey) Vector-based digital files containing marine features suitable for marine navigation in the United States. ENCs contain most of the features currently shown on corresponding paper nautical charts. ENCs are based on the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S- 57 standard and are intended for use in electronic charting systems (ECS) or Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). A list of free ENC viewers and commercial systems is available. ENCs are also available for use in geographic information systems (GIS) as base map data.
    • NOAA On-Line Chart Viewer (US National Ocean Service. Office of Coast Survey) The latest editions of the 1,000+ US nautical charts are available for viewing by chart number.
    • NOAA Raster Navigation Charts (RNCs) (US National Ocean Service. Office of Coast Survey) Geo-referenced raster scans of the original color separates which are used to produce paper nautical charts.
    • Historical Map and Chart Collection (US National Ocean Service. Office of Coast Survey) Contains over 20,000 maps and charts from the late 1700s to present day. The Collection includes some of the earliest US nautical charts, hydrographic surveys, topographic surveys, bathymetric maps, geodetic surveys, city plans and Civil War battle maps. Search by keyword, geographic area, type of map, date, or chart number.
    • Maptech MapServer: Nautical Charts (Maptech) Displays National Ocean Service nautical charts (general, coastal, and harbor) for the coastal and Great Lakes regions of the United States. Search for charts by placename, zip code, or geographic coordinate. For a geographic area several scales may be available. One can pan to adjacent charts and display portions of each chart at 100% or 50% resolution. Print, save, or email what is being displayed.
    • U.S. Coastal Maps (US National Ocean Service. Office of Coast Survey) US nautical charts that have been cleaned of all navigational aides and symbols leaving just cultural, hydrographic and topographic features. Available for online viewing as .jpeg files and for download into a GIS as a georeferenced .tiff file.
  • Ocean Basemap (ESRI) Interactive mapper includes bathymetry, surface and subsurface feature names, and derived depths. The map is designed to be used as a basemap by marine GIS professionals and as a reference map by anyone interested in ocean data. Map can be viewed with the default ArcGIS map viewer or ArcGIS Explorer.
  • Oregon Coastal Atlas (Oregon Department of Land, Conservation and Development. Ocean Coastal Management Program) Provides access to over 1000 gis datasets that focus on the Oregon coastal zone. Many can be used in the site's interactive mapper and all can be downloaded for use in a local gis system.
  • Times Atlas of the Oceans (Cooper) 1983 (Atlas G 2800 T3 1983)
  • World Atlas of the Oceans : with the general bathymetric chart of the oceans (GEBCO) published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (Leier) 2001 (Atlas G 2800 W59 2001) Contains thematic maps of the world's oceans followed by reproductions of the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans and the National Geographic Society's physiographic maps of the ocean floor.