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Maps and Atlases

US - General Maps

This section only lists resources that are general in nature or that cover many different themes. For resources that emphasize a specific theme look under that theme in the Geospatial Resources guide.

  • National Atlas of the United States For a history of US national atlases see National Atlases (Library of Congress American Memory Project)
  • Geodata.gov Map Viewer (US Government) Interactive map service includes more than 15 thematic categories, e.g., climate, environment, geology, hazards, each with multiple data layers that can be viewed.
  • Maps (USA.gov) Directory of maps produced by federal agencies arranged by broad theme.
  • National Map (US Geological Survey) Interactive map service supported by a variety of federal and state agencies that contains layers for adminstrative boundaries, elevation, geology, hydrology, land use/ land cover, orthoimagery, topography and transportation.

US - State Maps

The HSU Library Atlas Collection contains many regional and individual state atlases. Use the suggestions under Atlases in the Atlas and Map Collection guide to either browse the shelves or search in the HSU Library Catalog.

The Map Collection contains general and thematic maps for each state produced by federal and state government agencies and commercial publishers. Use the suggestions found under Maps in the Atlas and Map Collection guide to either browse the shelves or search in the HSU Library Catalog.

For maps of California, in addition to those listed in the directories below, see California Maps.

  • Color Landform Atlas of the United States (Sterner) Contains shaded relief maps and satellite images for each state.
  • DEM Shaded Relief Maps (US Geological Survey) Contains shaded relief images for individual western states.
  • Maps of the United States (Perry-Castaneda Map Library) - Contains scanned images of government-produced state and city maps in state level directories. Under each state includes statewide maps, city maps, and national park maps.
  • Reference and Outline Maps of the United States (Nationalatlas.gov) For each state includes in gif and pdf format a general reference map, a county outline map, a county outline map with selected cities and towns, and a map of major rivers and lakes.
  • State Map Sites (U.S.) (Perry-Castaneda Map Library) - Contains links to US state and territorial maps on other web sites. Listed alphabetically by state.
  • State Maps (Evergreen State College Library) For each state contains links to a variety of map sources, including highways, water resources, forests, scenic byways, biking and the environment.
  • State Online Atlases (Western Illinois University Library) Directory of state atlases that are contain either interactive or static maps.
  • U.S.A. Atlas: Maps and Geography of the United States (About.com Guide to Geography) Directory of maps on other web sites, organized by state.
  • US Map Collections (Geology.com) For each state includes the following maps--physical/relief map, satellite image map, elevation map, rivers/lake map, political map and road map.