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Maps and Atlases

Unusual and Imaginary Maps

This research guide lists 1) directories and blogs that highlight strange, unusual and imaginary maps on the Internet and 2) print atlases in the HSU Map Collection on the same theme.

  • Atlas of Fantasy (Post) 1973 (G 3122 P6 1979)
  • Atlas of Middle Earth (Fonstad) 1991 (G 3122 M5 F6 1991)
  • Cartographic Curiosities (Oddens' Bookmarks) Includes over 130 links to unusual maps, e.g., maps on stamps, literary maps, upsidedown maps. etc.
  • Cartographic Curiosities (Yale University Library Map Collection) Selection of unusual maps from the 16th-19th centuries.
  • Dictionary of Imaginary Places (Manguel and Guadalupi) 2000 (Ref GR 650 M36 2000) Maps accompany some of the 1,200 entries of imaginary and fantastic places described in literature and film.
  • Geographical Fun: Being Humourous Outlines of Various Countries (William Harvey) 1869. Contains 12 maps of European countries, each with a unique national sterotype based on the outline and shape of the country.
  • Google Maps Mania Blog that includes both useful and bizarre mashups of Google Maps.
  • Guide to Unusual Maps on the Web (Bill Thoen) Links to sites that include "maps" of cartographic misconceptions; alternative and new geographies; imagination, fantasy and life; and mapping amusement. Derived from an article in GeoWorld entitled Explore Undiscovered Places with Online Maps
  • Historical Celestial Atlases on the Web (van Gent) Includes links to historical celestial atlases and globes on the internet and to virtual exhibitions on celestial cartography. Up to middle of the 19th century, celestial atlases and globes were considered to be both works of precision and art and in many cases were the result of accomplished astronomers and artisans.
  • Imaginary Places (Map Room) Weblog section about imaginary places.
  • Stars in Science Fiction (Chung) Part of 3-D Stars Maps.
  • Strange Maps Blog containing unusual maps, many with a historical or political geography focus. Includes map images and excellent map descriptions..
  • VGMaps.com: The Video Game Atlas Screenshot maps of video games.