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Maps and Atlases

Military Maps

General Maps and Atlases

  • Atlas of Military Strategy, [1618-1878] (Chandler) 1980 (U 162 C44 1980b)

  • Cambridge Illustrated Atlas, Warfare : Renaissance to Revolution, 1492-1792 (Black) 1996 (G 1035 .B4 1995)

  • History of War at Sea : an Atlas and Chronology of Conflict at Sea from Earliest Times to the Present (Pemsel) 1978 (D 27 P2713 1978)

  • Hutchinson Atlas of Military Plans: Before and After (Holmes and Pimlott) 1999 (D 25.A2 H88 1999 )

  • Maps and Geographic Information Resources (United Nations Cartographic Section) Contains world, regional, and deployment maps of UN Peacekeeping Operations.

  • Military Maps (US Naval Postgraduate School Library) Extensive directory of internet resources for military maps, organized by general sites, military bases, peacekeeping maps and maps by war/conflict.

  • Penguin Atlas of War and Peace (Smith) 2003 (atlas G1046.R1 S65 2003)

  • Regions of Conflict (US Naval Postgraduate School Library) Links to maps organized by area that focus on areas of recent conflict.

  • West Point Atlas of American Wars (Esposito) 1959-1995 (atlas G 1201 S1 U5) Vol. 1 covers 1689-1900; Vol 2. covers 1900-1953; and West Point Atlas of Major Conflicts (Military.com) Reproduces maps in the West Point Atlas of American Wars with additional coverage up through Somalia.

  • West Point Atlas of Military History (United States Military Academy) Includes maps originally published in the West Point Atlas of American Wars.

  • World Atlas of Military History (Banks and Hartman) 1973-1984 (atlas G 1030 W67 1973) Vol. 1 to 1500; Vol.2 1861-1945; Vol. 3 1945-1984

  • World Atlas of Revolutions (Wheatcroft) 1983 (ref D 25.5 W43)

Specific Maps and Atlases by Date

  • Atlas of the American Revolution (Nebenzahl )1974 (atlas G 1201.S3 N4 1974)

  • Battlefield Atlas of the American Revolution (Symonds) 1986 (E 230 S96 1986)

  • Atlas of the Civil War (McPherson) 1994 (G 1201.S5 A85 1994 )

  • Battlefield Atlas of the Civil War (Symonds) 1983 (G 1201.S5 S9 1983 )

  • Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War (McElfresh) 1999 (E 468.9 .M135 1999 )

  • Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies (US Govt. Print. Off.) 1891; also available in print as the Official Military Atlas of the Civil War (Davis) 1983 (atlas G 1201 S5 U6 1983 and Docs W45.5 atlas)

  • Atlas of World War I (Gilbert) 1994 (atlas G 1037 G5 1994)

  • Historical Atlas of World War I (Livesey) 1994 (ref D 521 L56 1994)

  • Military Atlas of the First World War (Palmer) 1975 (atlas G 1037 B3 1975)

  • Atlas of the Second World War (Young) 1974 (atlas G 1038 Y6 1974)

  • Historical Atlas of World War II (Pimlott) 1995 (ref D 740 P55 1995)

  • The Pacific War Atlas, 1941-1945 (Smurthwaite) 1995 (G 2861.S7 S6 1995 )

  • Times Atlas of the Second World War (Keegan) 1989 (atlas G 1038 T6 1989)

  • War Atlas for Americans (US Office of War Information) 1944 (atlas G 1038 U54 1944)

  • Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War (Summers) 1995 (DS 557.7 .S93 1995)

  • Routledge Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Gilbert) 2002 (ref DS 119.7 .G54 2002)

  • Macmillan Atlas of War & Peace: Bosnia, Herzegovina (Macmillan Publishing Company) 1996 (atlas G 2013.B67S1 M33 1996)