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Maps and Atlases

Weather and Climate Maps


  • Weather Map Sites (Perry-Castaneda Map Library) Directory of sites with weather maps.

  • WeatherMaps (UM Weather) Contains links to over two dozen surface, upper air, temperature, and computer model maps for North American current weather.


  • Climate Atlas of the United States (National Climatic Data Center) 2002 (Docs C 55.281/2-2:C61 CD Disk) Contains over 2000 climate maps that are available as either pdf files or ArcView shapefiles. Maps are available on a base that includes the contiguous United States, Hawaii or Alaska. Updates the 1968 Climate Atlas of the United States. For additional information see Climate Atlas of the United States and the Internet version at Climate Maps of the United States (Climaps).

  • Climatic Atlas of the United States (US Environmental Science Services Administration) 1968 (atlas folio G 1201 C8 U55 1968) Superceded by the 2002 Climate Atlas of the United States.

  • Climatic Atlas of the United States (Visher) 1954 (atlas G 1201 C8 U5)

  • Daily Weather Maps - Weekly Series (US National Weather Service) Weekly (Docs C 55.213) For each day includes the following maps: Surface Weather, 500-millibar Height Contours, Highest and Lowest Temperatures, and Precipitation Areas and Amounts.

  • Global Climate Maps (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Includes 53 georeferenced maps.

  • Klimadiagramm-Weltatlas (Walter and Lieth) 1967 (atlas G 1046 C8 W3) Contains climatic diagrams showing seasonal rhythms for individual meteorological stations worldwide and climatic cartograms that map 10 distinct worldwide climatic regions.

  • Precipitation Frequency Atlas of the Western United States (US National Weather Service) 1973 (Docs C 55.22) Series of 11 state atlases containing precipitation-frequency maps at a scale of 1:2 million for 6 and 24-hour durations for return periods from 2 to 100 years. These maps are also available at Western U.S. Preciptation Frequency Maps (Western Regional Climate Center)

  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map (USDA Agricultural Research Service) 1990 (print copy available in Docs A 1:38:1475) (USDA Miscellaneous Publication # 1475) Shows the lowest temperatures that can be expected each year in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Each of the 11 zones represent 10 degree F (5.6 degree C) differences in average annual minimum temperature.

  • U.S. Drought Monitor (National Drought Mitigation Center) Map updated weekly. Includes links to other drought maps and data.

  • Unisys Weather Image and Map Archive (Unisys) Contain an archive of weather maps and images extending back to 1996. Includes surface, satellite, upper air and sea surface temperature maps.

  • Weather Bonk (Weather Bonk) View real time weather information using a Google Maps mashup. Content includes climate, forecasts, web cams, current conditions and plotting weather along a route.

  • WeatherStreet.com (WeatherStreet) Includes four day animated maps forcasts for cloud cover, precipitation and temperature at US national and state levels.

  • Weather.com (Weather Channel) Contains maps focused on outdoor activities, health and safety, and weather details.

  • Weather.gov (US National Weather Service) Links to the Interactive Weather Information Network which contains a selection of frequently updated weather graphics, warnings, forecasts, and current conditions.