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Maps and Atlases

Water Resources & Quality Maps

runoff map

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Other Places to Look

Individual Maps and Atlases

  • Atlas of America's Polluted Waters (US Environmental Protection Agency) 2000 (print copy available in Docs EP2.2: AT6) Shows streams, rivers, coastal shorelines, lakes, estuaries, and wetlands that do not meet state water quality standards. A corresponding Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program website is available.
  • Average Annual Runoff in the United States, 1951-80 (Gebert, Graczyk and Krug) 1987 (print copy available in Docs I 19.89:710) (USGS Hydrologic Investigations Atlas 710) Shows average annual runoff in inches per year in tributary streams.
  • Ground Water Atlas of the United States (US Geological Survey) 1990-1998 (print copy available in Docs I 19.89:730) - Series of 13 regional volumes that describe the location, extent, and geologic and hydrologic characteristics of important U.S. aquifers.
  • Historical Maps of Monthly and Annual Streamflow Conditions by Water Year (US Geological Survey) "National Water Conditions" in the United States are depicted on monthly and annual streamflow maps that show generalized contour patterns of streamflow conditions using three classifications--"above normal", "normal" and "below normal". Annual maps extent back to 1929 and monthly maps back to 1949.
  • Water Atlas: A Unique Visual Analysis of the World's Most Critical Resource (Clarke and King) 2004 (Ref GB 671 C53 2004) User-friendly presentation of maps, images, tables and graphs that describes the state of the world's water use, re-use, and control. Emphasis is on water from an international development and environmental stewardship perspective.
  • Water Atlas of the United States (Geraghty) 1973 (atlas G 1201 C3 W3 1973)

United States Geological Survey Map Series

The US Geological Survey publishes water resources and water quality maps in the following series. Use the Indexes and Guides to geological maps to identify specific maps by author, subject, or series. Many are available online through the USGS Publications Warehouse.

  • Hydrologic Investigations Atlas (print copies available in Docs I 19.89) Contains over 800 black and white or multicolor maps showing a wide range of water-resources information, such as depth to ground water, floods, irrigated acreage, producing aquifers, water availability, surface-water discharge, chemical or mineral content of water, surface impoundments, and water temperatures.
  • State Hydrologic Unit Map (Docs I 19.89/1) Series of maps for individual states that show hydrologic units by HUC code..
  • Water Resources Investigations Report (selected print copies available in Docs I 19.42/4)