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Maps - California

The content of this guide was created by Bob Sathrum, retired 6/2013

CA - Soils Maps

General Soils Map Stanislaus County

For background information see History of California Soil Mapping (Professional Soil Scientists Association of California)

Guides and Indexes

  • Early Soils Maps of the U.S.D.A Soil Survey Series 1899-1962: California (Soares) Lists soil maps for California appearing in the USDA soil survey series from 1900 through 1961. The 105 maps are listed chronologically in the Bibliography portion. Each entry includes the soil map title, names of those responsible for the map content, series date, scale, date of aerial photograph base map if applicable, soil report title, issue date, the SuDoc number for the separate soil survey and/or field operations report, and in parentheses the counties covered. Some maps are available online. Two indexes are included, author and county/area name.
  • Index to Soil Surveys in California (California Department of Conservation) 1982 (Ref S 599 C2 T76 1986) Lists availability of soil surveys by county and by agency.
  • Index to Forest and Range Soil Series in California (Stangenberger & Mallory) 1981 (ref SD 390.3 U6 C37) Master list of all soil series mapped by the California Cooperative Soil-Vegetation Survey.
  • Published Soil Surveys for California (U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service) Lists both print and online surveys completed by the NRCS. Print soil suveys are available in Docs A57.38. See also maps showing the Status of Soil Surveys and Status of Digital Soil Surveys.
  • Soil and Vegetation Maps of California with an Emphasis on Northwestern California. HSU Library research guide available in the Map and Atlas Collection that discusses the major soil and vegetation surveys that cover California.

Maps and Atlases

  • California Online Soil Survey Manuscripts (U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service)
  • Historical Soil Survey Maps of California (U.S Department of Agriculture) (print maps available in Docs A 57.38) Surveys range in date between 1900 and 1941.
  • Soil-Vegetation Maps (California Cooperative Soil Vegetation Survey) (G 4361 J3 s62 U5) Series at a scale of 1:31,680 or 1:24,000 that maps soil and vegetation characteristics in units as small as 10 acres. Geographic coverage is mostly the foothill and mountain wildlands of northern California. See the Quadrangle Index Key to determine quadrangle numbers for individual maps. Located in the map filing cabinet in the Atlas and Map Collection are explanatory guides for each individual map as well general guides for the series, all of which contain keys to the map symbols.
  • SoilWeb: an Online Soil Survey Browser (California Soil Resource Lab) Can be used to access National Cooperative Soil Survey detailed soil survey data (SSURGO) for California and most of the United States. Available in several interfaces--web, Google Earth, cell phone and text.
  • Web Soil Survey (U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service) Database containing official USDA soil survey information as viewable maps and tables for more than 2300 soil surveys in the United States and its territories. Define an area of interest using an interactive map, or enter an address, county, hydrologic unit or soil survey area; view and print a map of the specified area that is overlaid on an orthophoto backdrop; access and view soil data for the area and determine its suitability for a particular use; and download soil attribute data for gis use from the Soil Data Mart.