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Maps - California

The content of this guide was created by Bob Sathrum, retired 6/2013

CA - Environmental Pollution Maps

Petroleum Related Pollution

For maps on California water quality and pollution see Water Resources and Water Quality.

  • Agricultural Pesticide Use Web Mapping Service (California Dept of Public Health. Environmental Health Investigations Branch) Uses data generated from Pesticide Use Reports to map pesticide application intensity , individual pesticides and crops. Geography extents to PLSS sections.
  • Air Quality and Meteorological Information System (AQMIS) (California Air Resources Board) Interactive database containing real-time (and historical) air quality, ozone, and meteorological data that can be used to track air quality and support smoke management and air pollution forecasting. Includes data from over 160 air quality sites and over 800 meteorological sites within less than two hours of when the data are measured. The interactive map interface will display 14 air quality and eight ground level meteorological parameters.
  • California Air Resources Board Maps Links to air pollution related maps on the ARB website.
  • CHAPIS: Community Health Air Pollution Information System (California Air Resources Board) Interactive mapper identifies sources of air pollution emissions within a specified geographic location. Select a county, region, or zip code; or use the interactive mapper to zoom to an area. The combined contribution of cars, trucks, industrial and commerical facilities, and other air pollution sources are mapped. Tools are provided that summarize statistics for an area of interest. From the CHAPIS map there are also links to other data sources, such as tools to query the statewide emission inventory database and the network of air monitoring stations.
  • GeoTracker (California State Water Resources Control Board) Interactive mapper to environmental data for regulated facilities in California including underground fuel tanks, fuel pipelines, and public drinking water supplies.
  • Pesticide Use Maps (Californians for Pesticide Reform) Includes a map for each California county showing "total pounds of active ingredient applied per square mile."