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International Development

Document Databases/Catalogs/Bibliographies

These resources index and describe thousands of print and online fulltext reports and other publications in international development. Combined they either

1) link to fulltext documents available on the Internet or in stand-alone cd-roms; or

2) describe print resources that HSU users can request on interlibrary loan.

For resources that are organized by country see Country-Specific Report and Statistics.

Source: IDRC CRDI Photographer: Mikolajuk, Z.
Used by permission
  • African Women's Bibliographic Database (Africabib.org) Includes over 30,000 citations from 1986 to current. The database indexes six types of materials: books and government documents; articles appearing in edited books; periodical and journal articles; Masters theses and Ph.D. dissertations as well as a few B.A. theses and honors papers; conference papers; and videocassettes. Search by continent, country or region and then by subject or keyword.

  • AGORA: Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture Provides free online fulltext access to over 900 journals from major scientific publishers in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences. Fulltext is "Restricted to students and researchers in qualifying not-for-profit institutions in eligible developing countries."

  • Appropriate Technology Library (Village Earth)  (HSU users only) Includes online fulltext of 1,050 books covering village-level and do-it-yourself technology. The Appropriate Technology Sourcebook (print copy available in Ref T 49.5 .D37 1993) contains reviews of all books in the AT Library.

  • Bibliothèque pour le Développement (Humanities Development Project and Payson Center for International Development)  Includes 600 French-language publications (40,000 pages) containing development ideas and solutions in the fields of agriculture, construction, cooperation, economics, education, energy, environment, industry, nutrition, society, science, technology, water and women. Emphasis is on Africa. Search by subject, keyword, title or organization.

  • BRIDGE (Institute of Development Studies)  Information and analysis service on development and gender. Includes fulltext documents by topic, country reports and the Siyanda searchable database of gender and development materials from across the world,

  • British Library for Development Studies (Institute of Development Studies)  Catalog of a major research collection of development studies literature that indexes over 150,000 reports and articles from over 150 journals not indexed in standard article indexes. Includes links to online fulltext if available. The Country Profiles section allows one to view reports by country--subdivided by subject or all recent reports. Use BLDS Updates to register for regular emails that list the latest published material added to BLDS in up to 15 subject areas.

  • Campus Center for Appropriate Technology Library (Humboldt State University) Catalog of the approximately 900 titles available at CCAT on the Humboldt State University campus.

  • Community Development Library (Humanities Development Project)  2002 (cd-rom version available in HC 79.E5 C58 2002) Contains 1785 fulltext publications (160,000 pages) on sustainable community development designed to "help solve poverty, to increase human potential and to provide education for all." Search by subject, keyword, title or organization.

  • Current Agricultural Research Information System (CARIS) (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Database of agricultural research projects being carried out in or on behalf of developing countries.

  • Development Experience Clearinghouse Database--DEXS Database (US Agency for International Development)  Indexes and makes available USAID funded, international development reports. Includes 130,000 USAID technical and programs documents with 30,000 available in online fulltext format.

  • Development Gateway (Development Gateway Foundation)  Major portal designed to improve people’s lives in developing countries by building partnerships and information systems that provide access to knowledge for development.and poverty reduction. The portal consists of four main parts: 1) Topic Pages that are online communities where expert guides and global topic advisors work with their communities to highlight the most relevant and useful online fulltext resources available in 25 critical development areas; 2) 50 Country Gateways created by in-country information service providers that promote national development and build enterprise; 3) dgMarket that provides open and competitive access to government contract tenders from around the world; and 4) AiDA (Accessible Information on Development Activities) that is the largest online source of current and historical information on development projects with 500,000 listed projects..

  • East African Development Library (Humanities Development Project and Unesco)  2001 (cd-rom available in HC 860 .E38 2001) Contains 590 publications (55,000 pages) on east African development issues. Search by subject, keyword, title or organization.

  • Eldis Gateway to Development Information (Institute of Development Studies)  Major information service that filters, structures and presents development information via the web and email. Includes over 15,000 online documents and 15,000 email messages. Sections includes subject-focused Resource Guides that provide access to key documents, organisations, research themes, discussions and other key resources; Websites Directory of key development websites, arranged by subject; Country Profiles that list for each developing country available information subdivided by subject; and subject newsfeeds and emails that automatically send new information in preselected subject categories.

  • Energy for Sustainable Development Library (United Nations Development Programme)  2002 (cd-rom version available in TJ 163.17 .E64 2002) Contains the fulltext of 350 documents (26,000 pages) from UNDP, UNDESA, WEC and many other organizations. Included are technical guidelines, journals and newsletters, case studies, manuals, reports, and other training materials. Search by subject, keyword, title or organization.

  • FAO Catalogue Online (Food and Agriculture Organization)  Includes all documents and publications produced by FAO since 1945, and books added to the FAO Library since 1976. Provides links to fulltext when available.

  • FAO Corporate Document Repository (Food and Agriculture Organization)  Contains the online fulltext of FAO documents and publications, as well as selected non-FAO publications.

  • Food and Nutrition Library 2.2 (International Food Policy Research Institute)  2003 ( cd-rom for v 2.0 available in TX 360.5 .F66 2002) Contains 600 publications (54,000 pages) in the fields of food, nutrition, food processing, food policy and nutrition research, particularly in regards to developing countries. Search by subject, keyword, title or organization.

  • HINARI: Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (World Health Organization)  Provides to non-profit institutions in developing countries free or low cost access to over 3500 fulltext biomedical journals.

  • Humanity Development Library 2.0 (Humanity Libraries Project)  2000. Contains 1,230 publications (160,000 pages) in various areas of human development, including agricultural practice, economic policies, water and sanitation, society and culture, education, manufacturing, disaster mitigation and micro-enterprises. Search by subject, keyword, title, organization, or "how to".

  • Institute for Appropriate Technology Library (Institute for Appropriate Technology)  Contains approximately 150 fulltext appropriate technology resources covering solar energy, permaculture, agriculture, animal husbandry, water systems and rural self-reliance. Also includes links to other resources on each of these topics.

  • International Institute for Sustainable Development Research Library (International Institute for Sustainable Development)  The Library's SD-Cite database indexes over 17,000 records representing books, reports, articles, organization websites, CD-ROMS and videotapes on sustainable development policy and related topics. Links to online fulltext are provided when available. Indexed articles are selected from 125 journals.

  • IRCDOC (International Water and Sanitation Centre)  Bibliographic database containing 16,000 references on water supply and sanitation in developing countries. Includes documents held in the IRC Reference Library and documents available on the Internet

  • JOLIS Library Catalog (World Bank) Catalog of the World Bank Group and the IMF. Includes references to books, journal titles, journal articles, working papers, conference proceedings, technical reports, videos, software, and electronic resources as well as published IMF and World Bank materials.

  • OARE: Online Access to Research in the Environment (UN Environment Programme)  Provides free online fulltext access to over 1,300 journals from major scientific publishers in environmental science. Fulltext is "Restricted to students and researchers in qualifying not-for-profit institutions in eligible developing countries."

  • UNBISNET (United Nations Bibliographic Information System) Catalogue of United Nations(UN) documents and publications indexed by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva. The coverage of UNBISnet is from 1979 onward, however, older documents are being added to the catalogue on a regular basis. Also provides links to full text resources if available.

  • World Bank Documents & Reports (World Bank)  Includes the online fulltext of more than 14,000 World Bank Group documents, including project appraisal reports, economic and sector works, evaluation reports and studies and working papers.

  • World Environmental Library (Humanity Libraries Project and GTZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft fûr Technische Zusammenarbeit)  1999 Contains 400 publications (45,000 pages) that include ideas and solutions for the development community in the fields of agriculture, biodiversity,climatechange, environmental impact assessment, energy, health, natural resources, policy, sustainable development, waste management and water. Search by subject, keyword, title or organization.
  • WorldCat (HSU users only) Searches 61 million unique titles held by 50,000 libraries worldwide. Includes links to documents available on the Internet.