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International Development

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Dictionary of Development: Third World Economy, Environment, Society (Welsh and Butorin) 1990 (Ref HC 59.7 D513 1990) Three volume scholarly encyclopedic dictionary covering development subjects, organizations and countries. Some entries are up to a page in length and include references.
  • Dictionary of Environment and Develoment: People, Places, Ideas, and Organizations (Crump) 1991 (Ref GE 10 C78 1991) Description for the 800 entries range from a paragraph to one page.
  • Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development (Atmosphere, Climate & Environment Information Programme, Atmospheric Research & Information Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University) Contains short articles, central to the concepts and understanding of sustainable development, that cover the Earth, principles of sustainable development, the environment, natural resources, society, economy and indicators of sustainable development.
  • Global Development: a Reference Handbook (Savitt and Bottorf) 1995 (HC 59.7 S283 1995) Provides an introduction to global development issues and resources. Chapters present a overview of issues, facts and statistics, chronology, biographical sketches, leading organizations, and print and nonprint resources.
  • Historical Dictionary of Aid and Development Organizations (Arnold) 1996 (Ref HC 60 A738 1996) Contains descriptive and analytical entries for the principal organizations, events, programs and concepts that have played a role in defining and promoting development since 1945..
  • International Development Dictionary (Fry and Martin) 1991 (Ref HF 1359 F79 1991)
  • Women in the Third World: an Encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues (Stromquist) 1998 (Ref HQ 1870.9 W6548 1998) Scholarly encyclopedia covering women's issues in developing countries.
  • Women in the Third World: A Reference Handbook (Kinnear) 1997 (HQ 1870.9 K58 1997) Provides an introduction to issues and resources dealing with women in developing countries. Chapters present a overview of issues, facts and statistics, chronology, biographical sketches, leading organizations, and print and nonprint resources.
  • Word Watch Glossary (International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Directories of Organizations

  • Directory of Development Organizations (Bert Wesselink) This "resource guide to development organizations and the internet" lists over 47,000 organizations. The directory is organized into eight regions and then subdivided by country. Brief entries for each organization include contact information, including email address and web page if available; and type of organization.

  • INASP Directory (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) Directory of organisations and activities working to improve production, access and dissemination of scientific and scholarly information in and between developing and transitional countries. Main body of directory lists organizations by broad subject area.

  • InterWATER Organisations (International Water and Sanitation Centre) Offers information on 650 organisations and networks in the water supply and sanitation sector, related to developing countries. Each organisation has a short description, contact details, e-mail and website address, and related sites where applicable.

  • Organizations (Chr. Michelsen Institute) Includes links to major development agencies, institutions and international organizations relevant to development studies.

  • Resources Directory for Development and Relief NGOs (Oxfam) 1995 (Ref HV 589 E23 1995 Vol. 3 of the Oxfam Handbook of Development and Relief ) Lists Southern NGOs, international NGOs in OECD countries, official development agencies in OECD countries, and UN and other inter-governmental organizations.

Internet Portals and Gateways

See also the gateways and portals listed under Country-Specific Reports and Statistics.