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Brain Booth at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library

The Library Brain Booth is an informal, experiential space to learn about the mind body connection, reduce stress, and optimize learning.

Brain Booth Activity of the Month

Mindfulness exercises are the gold standard for managing stress for a reason.

Bullet Journaling Interactive Presentation

You can start and navigate the presentation with the arrow keys at the bottom. You can also enlarge the presentation by clicking on the Hamburger (three horizontal lines) button. Feel free to interact with the presentation!

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Wellcome to the Brain Booth!

Online Resources

Need to take a break?

Coloring is an effective way to destress and bring yourself into the present moment. Focus completely on the small details of the pages while you color to allow your mind to rest from wandering. Here are two places where you can find free, printable coloring pages.

Just Color - Mandalas & Art Therapy coloring pages

Super Coloring - Coloring pages for adults

Maybe word searches or crosswords are more your speed. Here are a couple ways to find them. 

Word Search - app for iPads

The Word Search - online word searches in your browser

Boatload Puzzles - online crosswords in your browser

Having trouble sleeping?

Guided sleep meditation is the gateway to meditation. Your only job is to tune into the voice guiding you through breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, or visualizations. There are thousands of free resources on youtube or through meditation apps. Here are a few of our staff pics to help you get to sleep.


Are you remembering to breathe?

Breathing is the connection between our minds and bodies. By focusing on controlling our breath we can slow our heart rate and relax our entire body. Here are some resources to guide you through deep breathing relaxation.


Need more?

Brain Booth Relax

Group in the Brain Booth drawing and coloring at a table.Group in classroom drawing and coloring.Two people wearing VR viewers while seated at a table.

Content Attribution

Some of the content of this guide (as indicated on pages) was created by Marissa Mourer, co-founder of the Brain Booth.

Donate to the Brain Booth

You can help make a positive difference in students' lives by supporting the Brain Booth!

The Brain Booth addresses an essential need of our students and so many others. The Brain Booth offers mindfulness practices through Intentional Brain Breaks and activities that support Emotional Self-Regulation and foster Singular Thoughtful Focus. 

As a recent student visitor put it: ”Thank you for thinking and helping us with our wellbeing and stress we endure. The brain booth is amazing! Thank you!”

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Join us! Everyone is Welcome!

Photo of the brain booth with exercise bikes, bean bag chairs, meditation chair and tables.  Person coloring at a table. Photo of a gratitude poster that people have written and drawn on. People standing and playing with the nintendo wii. Two people playing board games. Student using a biofeedback machine. Two people playing tangram board games. Person seated listening to audio and relaxing. Person using light therapy station and smiling. Close up of coloring page with dolphins swimming.