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Creating for the Web

Learn to build for the web using some basic tools and resources.

HSU Web Design Group

The Web Design Group meets regularly to work on projects, get advice, share new tools- any kind of collaboration! We are a group of people interested in learning how to create and design for the web. We are interested in different facets of web development and web design. From learning the basics of coding, to working with frameworks or content management systems. If you are interested and enjoy learning by doing (learning how to build webpages by building webpages), you should join us!

We are in a state of continual improvement and are still figuring out what our goals/plans are, so if you have ideas or requests, please share them! You can drop by our meetings or lurk/post on our Google Groups forum (you can even - gasp!join the forum). Everyone is welcome: coders, designers, artists, activists, newbies and experts.

We are all learning new things and have different goals/projects. A strict curriculum and set of lesson plans won't work for everyone, so our approach is to learn independently and get together to discuss, ask questions and share our work. If you're getting started with web design, be sure to start with the Dash Learn HTML, CSS and JS tutorial.

We also meet in person at the HSU Library. The meetings don't include lectures or lesson plans- they are a place to get together to ask each other questions and share our work. Most of the learning is done outside of the meetings, using free online tutorials. Feel free to drop in!

When TBD

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Who Everyone and anyone! You?