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Creating for the Web

Learn to build for the web using some basic tools and resources.

Computer Science Education Week

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To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, the HSU Library hosts coding events during the second week of December. The Hour of Code is the largest learning event in history- with tens of millions of students learning computer programming across the world. Below is a list of online tutorials that we have covered in these events. These are all designed to be taken on your own, though, so if you missed the events, click on the links below to get started with these short sessions. 

Activities for 2017:

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Monday 12/4 - Learn HTML & CSS to build a custom webpage!

Dash by General Assembly - we will be completing projects 1 & 3 but feel free to complete all 4 projects to learn some advanced CSS techniques as well as the fundamentals of using JavaScript, a very useful programming language for the Web.

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Tuesday 12/5 - Use JavaScript to build a 3D world!

Create a 3D world using CodeCraft and JavaScript with their Hour of Code Build to Learn course.

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Wednesday 12/6 - Use a code playground to create your own app!

There are many options for coding on the web but we'll be using Glitch, which allows you to create web apps completely online for free! We'll be using our HTML, CSS and JS skills from Monday and Tuesday, so if you weren't able to attend those, be sure to complete the Dash tutorial before coming to this workshop. You can view a version of the DASH project in Glitch to see how you can create and link to separate files in Glitch.

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Thursday 12/7 - Build 3D models with Tinkercad!

Tinkercad is a free and easy way to create 3D models online. We will explore the basics of using Tinkercad and creating objects by following their step-by-step lessons. For people attending Friday, we will be able to then use these 3D creations into a VR world using A-frame. 

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Friday 12/8 - Build web-based Virtual Reality with A-frame!

On this final day of the Hour of Code, we'll work in A-frame, a 3D appliction that is a JavaScript (web-based) framework developed by Mozilla. For those who created an object in Tinkercad, they'll be able to import it into A-frame and animate it, making it easy to share with friends. Vist the Hour of Code A-frame Glitch project to view the code & remix your own project.

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List of past activities:


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Learn On Your Own

There are several free online tutorial sites to help get you started learning the basics of computer programming for creating on the Web:

Want more than just an hour?

Are you interested in working with others to learn how to create content for the Web? Are you interested in building your own site or improving an existing one? Email us to get up-to-date information on current workshops and programs and/or check the library events calendar for a list of current events: