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International Studies Research Guide

International Studies

Finding Books for International Studies

Because International Studies is an interdisciplinary Program, you will find the books you need in many different parts of the library. The call numbers listed below come from the Library of Congress Classification Outline, which is used to assign call numbers by topic area. If  you are stuck on keywords or looking for a good research topic idea, it can help to go to an area of the library that interests you and browse the shelf for inspiration. Or, if you need more sources on a particular project, check the shelves around a book you already have and feel is very useful as others will be in that same area. (Note: This list is alphabetical, but some areas are out of order, but indented to indicate they are considered sub-section of a larger discipline eg Statistics is under Economics and International Law is under Political Science). Some useful call numbers are:


GN1 - 890



Cultural traits customs& institutions

GN448 - 450.8

Economic organization. Economic


Social Organization


Political Organization


Societal groups, ethnocentrism,
diplomacy, warfare etc


Ethnic groups and races



Economic theory

HB 848-3697

Demography. Population

HC 10-1085

Economic history and conditions

HC 94-1085

By region or country

HD 4801-8943

Labor. Work. Working class

HD 8045-8943

By region or country



Basic Statistics

     HA 175-473

By region or country


G 1-922

Geography (General)

G 3180-9980


GB 3-5030

Physical geography


JA 1-92

Political Science (General)


Colonies & Colonization, Emigration
& Immigration

JV 1-5397

Colonies & Colonization

JV 6001-9480

Emigration & Immigration,
International Migration

JZ 5-6530

International Relations

JZ 4835-5490

International organizations and associations

JZ 4841-4848

Political NGOs

JZ 4935-5160

United Nations

JZ 5511.2-6300

Peace promotion/ Peaceful change

JZ 5587-6009

International security. Disarmament.
Global survival


     KZ 2-6795

Law of nations


HM1 - 1281

History of Sociology




Social Structure

HM831 - 901

Social Change

HQ 1075 - 2030.7

Sex role, Men, Women, Feminism

HT 601 - 1445


HT1501 - 1595



Print Books at HSU

Find books in the HSU catalog!

Books and the Library Catalog

The HSU Library Catalog lists all of the books at our library. A keyword search is usually the best way to begin.  When you find items of interest, check the subject headings or other terms to refine and narrow your search.

You can also borrow books from other libraries with our interlibrary loan service.  There is a demonstration of how to make an interlibrary loan request linked below. 

Use WorldCat or other catalogs to find books to borrow on interlibrary loan.  WorldCat and other catalogs are linked on the library homepage on the QuickSearch Catalogs tab.

You can also use these catalogs to search for video and audio recordings and some of these formats may be available via interlibrary loan.

Register for Interlibrary Loan

Go to

Click on "Interlibrary Loan" on the left hand side

Log in with your HSU user name and password

Fill out the registration form

Note: You will only see the registration form if you have not already filled it out. If you do not immediately see a form, you are already registered for Interlibrary Loan and can continue to put in a request, check your outstanding requests, renew an item, and more.

Google Books

'How To' Videos for Books

The following short videos will show you how to accomplish some basic research tasks.