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Brain Booth in the HSU Library

The Library Brain Booth is an informal, experiential space to learn about the mind body connection and optimize learning.


Please note that observational research is being conducted to identify levels of engagement with activities, technologies, and exhibits for all Library Brain Booth visitors. The observational study taking place does not collect identifying information, so participants are anonymous. The observational data records - which includes photographic, audio, and video recordings - will be handled in compliance with standard ethical principles. Because participants cannot be exempt from recording while inside the Brain Booth, all participants must sign a consent form in order to participate in the Brain Booth.

If you do not wish to participate in the study, please visit the "What's Available Outside the Brain Booth?" page on this Library Brain Booth Research Guide to learn about the materials and tools that you do have access to without participation in the study. Thank you for your understanding.

The consent form that you will be asked to sign prior to entering the Library Brain Booth is available for you to read below. 

brain booth consent form