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Brain Booth in the HSU Library

The Library Brain Booth is an informal, experiential space to learn about the mind body connection and optimize learning.

Library Brain Booth in the News

February 27, 2018 The Lumberjack 

January 2, 2018 in American Libraries

September 14 on KIEM TV 

September 22 on The HSU Flapjack Chronicles

September 26 in the Fall 2016 Library Newsletter

September 27 on KHSU's Campus Connection with HSU President Rossbacher

October 1 in the HSU Parents & Family Newsletter

October 7 in Humboldt State NOW

February 3 in Humboldt State NOW

February 16 in California State University, Go to CSU 

Promote the Brain Booth!

  • Share your ideas. You can propose an activity, provide feedback about your experiences, offer suggestions about how we might spread the word, and more. 
  • Facilitate a special session. Are you a meditation teacher? Yoga instructor? Hypnotherapist? Massage therapist? Philosopher? Artist? We would be happy to support your volunteer service in our Library. Please note that HSU is a public university and has no religious affiliation.
  • Partner with us. If you're a faculty member interested in exploring contemplative pedagogy, we'd love to hear from you. If you or your undergraduate/graduate students are interested in exploring research around mindfulness or contemplation, we'd be happy to support your scholarship.
  • Donate materials. We're currently in need of Nintendo Wii games and floor cushions & mats for meditation, but we would appreciate being in contact with you if you have possible items for donation.


Interested in any of the above, or something else to share? 

Send an email to Katia (Natural Resources & Sciences Librarian) and include Brain Booth in the subject line.


  • Spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues about the Library Brain Booth. Invite someone to join you on your next visit.
  • Social Media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  If you take a picture/video of yourself or your friends (with their permission, of course!) in the Library Brain Booth, use #hsubrainbooth so we can like and share your posts with others. 
  • Download and post flyer. Use any of the flyers below for posting on a bulletin board in your residence hall or on your office door, etc.