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Brain Booth in the HSU Library

The Library Brain Booth is an informal, experiential space to learn about the mind body connection and optimize learning.


Take a Brain Break!

The Library Brain Booth is a drop-in, hands-on experiential space to explore metacognition and is open to all HSU students, staff, and faculty as well as community members. Starting this semester the Brain Booth dedicated space is on the 2nd floor.


Available there 24/7: Coloring supplies & Biofeedback stationary machine, FitDesks & Meditation Corner. The Meditation Corner provides Mindfulness Meditation instructions.

Additional Brain Booth equipment is available to borrow at the Checkout desk: Portable Biofeedback units, Sound & Light Therapy units, and Virtual Reality Goggles.

You can drop-by to enjoy a mindful minute and to take an intentional brain break. 

You can also email a request for a class visits or request Brain Booth pop-up events.

The Library Brain Booth opened on August 31, 2016.

What is it?

The Library Brain Booth seeks to introduce the Humboldt State community to international scientific research on the effects of mindfulness, attention, and contemplation through hands-on tools and activities in an informal, experiential setting. Students are especially encouraged to explore the positive impacts that taking an intentional brain break can have on their academic success. Although the Library Brain Booth recognizes the contributions of people of all faiths and backgrounds to mindfulness practices, it has no religious affiliation. People of all abilities, cultures, and faiths are welcome in the Library Brain Booth.

The Library Brain Booth was made possible through the support of the HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation and the Office of Research, Economic, & Community Development.

Getting Started


You can contact me directly for a consultation as well as to request a class visit or a Brain Booth pop-up event.

~ Katia