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Soil Science Research Guide

Guides to Reference Resources

  • Guide to Sources for Agricultural and Biological Research (Blanchard) 1981 (ref S 493 G85) Lists reference resources in agriculture, including a section on "Soil Science."
  • Literature of Soil Science (McDonald) 1994 (S 590.45 L58 1994) Includes updated list of reference resources originally found in Guide to Sources for Agricultural and Biological Research (Blanchard).
  • "Soil Science" (Casler and Schneider) IN Using the Agricultural, Environmental and Food Literature (Hutchinson and Greider) 2002 (ref S 494.5 A39 U75 2002), pp 451-487

Soil Classification

  • Soil Series of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the United States: Their Taxonomic Classification (Docs A 57.2 T19.2)

Soil Data & Statistics: Data

Soil Laboratory Data and Descriptions of Some Soils of (state) (U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service) (Docs A 57.52) Series of data reports for selected states that contain soil descriptions and laboratory data resulting from NRCS cooperative soil survey investigations.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Cyclopedia of American Agriculture (Bailey) 1917 (ref S 493 B2) Classic agriculture encyclopedia
  • Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science (Arntzen and Ritter) 1994 (four volumes) (Ref S 411 E713)
  • Encyclopedia of Soil Science (Lal) 2002 (ref S 592 E53 2002) Includes 400 "state-of-the-knowledge" articles.
  • Encyclopedia of Soil Science. Part I. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fertility and Technology(Fairbridge) 1979 (ref S 592 E52)
  • Resource Conservation Glossary (Soil Conservation Society of America) 1982 (ref S 922 R47 1982)

Handbooks & Manuals

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook (Goldman, Jackson and Bursztynsky) 1986 (TC 423 G645)
  • FAO Watershed Management Field Manual (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) 1985-90.(6 volumes) (S 900 F68 #13:1-6)
  • Field Guide to Soils and the Environment: Applications of Soil Surveys (Olsen) 1984 (S 592.14 O36 1984)
  • Guide to Interpreting Engineering Uses of Soils (U.S. Soil Conservation Service) 1971 (Docs A 57.6/2:So3/2)
  • Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (Chemcial Rubber Company) Annual. (ref QD 65 H3) Includes tables on properties of soil nutrients.
  • Handbook of Soil Science (Sumner) 2000 (Ref S 591 H23 2000)
  • Methods of Soil Analysis (Soil Science Society of America) 1982-1994. Part. 1. Physical and mineralogical methods (S 593 M4453 1982) and Part 2, Microbiological and biochemical properties (QR 111 M34 1994)
  • Methods of Analysis for Soils, Plants, and Waters (Chapman and Pratt) 1961 (S 587 C3)
  • Soil Erosion Research Methods (Lal) 1994 (S 626 S65 1994)
  • Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis (Carter) 1993 (S 593 7425 1993).
  • Soil Survey Interpretation for Engineering Purposes (Olsen) 1977 ( TA710 O48 1977)
  • Western Fertilizer Handbook (California Fertilizer Association) 1980 (S633 C26 1980)


  • California Agricultural Directory (ref S 409.5 C3 C3)

Soil Data & Statistics: Guides

Soil Science Subject Directories/Portals/Gateways