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Child Development Research Guide


Course Specific Links

Online Encyclopedias

Here are some recommended subject encyclopedias available through the subscription database, Gale Virtual Reference Library, at the HSU Library.  These are a great way to begin your research, by getting an overview of your topic, from the perspective of multiple disciplines.

  • Child Development
  • Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society
  • Encyclopedia of Research Design
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
  • International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
  • Learning and Memory

Gale Virtual Reference Library   Combined search for 120 fulltext reference works, including these. 

Print Reference Sources

Here are some subject encyclopedias in the print Reference Collection:

Annotated Bibliographies

Literature Reviews

A review article is a specialized form of a journal article: it can cover a lot of territory for you and save you time as you do your own literature review.

  • Advances in Child Development and Behavior (BF 721 A45, 1963-to date)
  • Advances in Clinical Child Psychology (RJ 503.3 A37, 1977-1998//)
  • Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development (RJ 499 A1 A53) [1968-2002]
  • Annual Review of Psychology (BF 30 A56, 1950-2004) (see Journal and Newspaper Finder for more recent issues)
  • Annual Review of Sociology (HM 1 A763,1975-2004) (see Journal and Newspaper Finder for more recent issues)
  • Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development (JSTOR, 1935-2007) (see Journal and Newspaper Finder for more recent issues)
  • Sociological Studies & Child Development (HQ 767.8 S65) [1986-1991]

Research Help

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