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Maps and Atlases

Political Maps

  • Buzztracker: World News Mapped (Chin Music Press) Daily mapping of cities and places in the world news that visualizes the frequencies and relationships between locations in the news.
  • Congressional District Atlas (US Bureau of the Census) Series of atlases containing maps of congressional districts established by states based upon the most recent decennial census. The most recent are a 1998 edition (Docs C 3.282/5:105 cd-rom) and a 1993 edition in Atlas G 1201 F7 U45. Earlier editions are in Docs C 3.62/5. See also Congressional District Geographic Products for online maps.
  • Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections (David Leip) Includes maps and data on a national level back to 1789 and on a state level back to 2000.
  • Maps and Geographic Information Resources (United Nations Cartographic Section) Contains world, regional, and deployment maps of UN Peacekeeping Operations.
  • Regions of Conflict (US Naval Postgraduate School Library) Links to maps organized by area that focus on areas of recent conflict.
  • Third World Atlas (Thomas) 1994 (Atlas G 1046 G1 C7 1994) Text, maps and charts in three major sections define the Third Word and development; show the making of the Third World; and look at issues and challenges in contemporary development.
  • World Bank Atlas (World Bank) Annual (print copy available in Atlas G 1046 G1 W6) Includes thematic maps on a world base, tables, and graphs that highlight key social, economic, and environmental data for 208 countries. Data is drawn from World Development Indicators.