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Education Research Guide

The content of this guide was created by Joan Berman, Librarian Emerita


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Course Specific Links

Online Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia articles can save you time by quickly providing succinct, historical definitions of terms and concepts as well as an overview of a topic, often including references to the major books and articles in a subject area.  Try comparing what you have found in Wikipedia with these subject encyclopedias in the library subscription database Gale Virtual Reference Library

Three of the 120 encyclopedias in GVRL are especially relevant to education.

Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education (2012, 4 vols)

Encyclopedia of Research Design (2010, 3 vols)

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2008, 9 vols)

Print Reference Sources

Here are some subject encyclopedias in the print Reference Collection:

  • Encyclopedia of Human Behavior (ref BF31 E5 2012)
  • Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education (ref LB17 E53 2009)
  • Psychology of Classroom Learning: an Encyclopedia (ref lb1060 P89 2009)
  • Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts (ref LB1576 H234 2003)
  • Educational Measurement) (ref LB3051 E266 2006)
  • Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education (ref LC1099.3 H35 2004)
  • Early Childhood Intervention (ref LC4019.2 E25 2011)
  • New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning (ref MT1 N48 2002)
  • Encyclopedia of English Studies and Language Arts (ref PE65 E47 1994)
  • Second Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning (ref QA11 S365 2007)

Research Help

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Getting Started

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Google Scholar

Try them and then compare results with searching directly in your discipline databases,  e.g., ERIC from your preferred vendor.  See the Finding Articles tab.

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