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Using OneSearch for your information needs

What do you need to know to get the most out of the new OneSearch system?


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Jeremy Shellhase
Library, Room 206

How do you report an error or pose a question

If you find a record in OneSearch and want to ask something about it or tell us that it has problems, you can send us a link to that exact record.  The same technique works for making a permanent link that will always go back to that record.

For the problems and questions, just send them to  Tell us what's wrong or ask us your question and send us the link.  Here's how to get that link.  From the single record screen go to the Send To options on the record and click the PERMALINK icon.Screenshot of Primo Get It display

Then copy the link and email it to us with your question, or use it however you want.  Plug it into Canvas.

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